Request a Review!

On some review sites, there is a pseduo-formal review procedure and your comic gets marked for review within a couple of years. ArtPatient isn’t a normal review site and there’s no formal procedure here.

To request a review, you can reply with a comment to this post or send an email to Let me know what link to go to and any other info you think might be useful. You’ll probably hear back from me in short order.

Usually, I aim to go from request to posted review within two weeks. Sometimes, I get a couple of requests in a row which might stretch it to three weeks or a month, depending. It’s pretty fast return, all things considered.

I normally stick to kid friendly comics, meaning that my kids could safely read it. I call this my Looney Tunes rule. There were some adult things shown but not in a way that was crude or vulgar. Once in a while, I’ll run into a problem comic but it’s rare.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow. That is a great themed site you have there. I am impressed. I am just beginning my wordpress journey, and I am humbled.

    Moose Mountain looks like a fun comic. Look for the review in a couple of weeks.

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