Projects update

It’s been a little quiet. I’ve been busy and been enjoying the outdoors.

Right now, you can check out my newest regular review on Comic Fencing. The comic we reviewed is called Antics. The ratings weren’t very high but the artist took it all in stride and thanked us for our viewpoints. (You don’t always get that.)

I’m working on tomorrow’s review, but today is a full day and tomorrow is just as full. It might be late in the evening tomorrow before I can get the review up for ArtPatient. Hopefully, I’ll get a request-a-review page along with that.

Other projects update:

I’ve updated ArtPatient with wordpress 2.6, which might make the upload time a little faster and provide some other benefits as well. Marfs has been progressing through its infancy quite well and I’m working on doing all the image renaming that has to be done for uploading the Frog Pond archives to their new home. I won’t be recreating text posts to go with these archives, so to get the text you’ll have to go back to the older archives. At some point very soon, I’ll be done with these technical sorts of tasks and I’ll be able to resume the Frog Pond.

There is also a growing-in-popularity page that I update every couple of weeks on Squidoo. It’s about fun things to do here in New York state. There are a lot of places to go and things to do that I continue to discover, so I thought I would share them too. At this point, it’s getting pretty dense and full – I’ve realized that it needs some better organization if you’d want to easily find any sort of specific thing. However, to do that I’d have to manually edit everything I’ve added into multiple sections which would not be very easy. So I created a new blog called Family Fun where I can add each place one at a time and tag them appropriately. I’ll create links back and forth so readers can take advantage of the strengths of both pages.

The Check It Local Business Directory continues to grow and I’ve done some modifications to it. There’s a few more immediate things to do but then I have a bigger task to work on regarding Check It Local.


  1. Yikes. You may have noticed a change in the look here at ArtPatient, too. The theme I had was not compatible with WP 2.6, so I had to change it.

    While I had three pages of themes to choose from, the only ones that would work are very plain ones like this.

    I guess that means I’ll be adding the project of finding another theme to cover ArtPatient with.

    Feel free to suggest a theme with widget ready, two columns and a light colored background.

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