New posting schedule…

The way things are working out, the Frog Pond updates M-W-F. Comic Fencing updates every Friday morning and offers up a traditional webcomic review by me (and a few others.)

That means that I should probably post the reviews I do here at ArtPatient on a weekend day. Now, the way my schedule works – I could post reviews on Saturday and be okay most of the time. Since I prefer not to apologize for being late, I’m going to post new reviews on Sundays.

The review I’m working on right now is for Freaks and Squeeks. I believe I told the creator I would have that done today, but I worked eleven hours every day this week and every night was busy with somewhere to go. I will attempt to get the review finished today, but I am forced to apologize in advance for potentially being late.

You see why I wanted to give myself extra time, don’t you?


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