Swamp Thang

Swamp Thing

I was musing about the Swamp Thing comic the other day. I don’t know if I ever (or will ever) understand what a beautiful girl is doing hanging out with some kind of werd swamp critter that doesn’t even talk

Maybe that’s the point. No one is supposed to understand it, so it’s sort of existential? A sort of beauty and the beast. In the smelly, mucky and bug infested swamp.

I’ll never understand it.

This is my swamp thang sketch. I assume he’s hanging out chin deep in the swamp while she runs in to the local Swamp-Eleven for some booze.


  1. Just wanted to add that I do remember that Swamp Thing’s face looked more like a gas mask with plant tentacles on the bottom. Let’s just say he molted or flowered or something and a new face is blooming.

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