Plans and Processes afoot!

So far, so good. I’ve added all the little plugins I wanted and turned them on. Each one you enable has the potential to bring down the site, so you have to be careful.

The site has not crashed!

Now that the processes have been covered, let’s talk about the plans:

  • I have to go back through and edit/manage the plugins for ArtPatient and the Frog Pond.
  • There’s a new review to write for Freaks and Squeeks. I won’t have time to do it this week, so it’ll likely be for next Friday.
  • I have a few sketches to scan and post.
  • My Comic Fencing review for this week is all set.
  • And I’d like to get the Frog Pond comics all set for next week, too.
  • I’ve created a board game and I have a site set up for it. Initially, the board game will play like Battlemasters or Army Men, but the design is flexible enough for other options besides infantry wargames. There is no information to be found there but when I have something I’ll post a link.
  • I’m the webmaster on another website called which is a Local Business website directory. It needs a lot more data entry and a few minor overhauls, like the Google Map feature being buggy. I am going to have to devote some energy to get CheckItLocal where it needs to be.
  • Of course, the house will always need something done and it’s summer time, so I’ve got to get some sun, too.
  • There are a few other projects that I’m forgetting or aren’t worth mentioning.

That’s all the exciting plans, anyway. The plugins shouldn’t take too long and then I’m onto CheckItLocal. That’s the next most important thing to resolve.


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