Hello folks!

This may be a surprise to some of you. I’ve moved over to a wordpress installation for the wealth of features available. Going forward, ArtPatient.com will focus on webcomic reviews and have more of my personal artwork to display. I’ll try to set it up so you can get RSS feeds for just the kinds of updates you want.

Due to my schedule for the next few weeks and the install progress, ArtPatient may not update much for the next few weeks. I’ll be adding plugins and trying out some different themes, so expect the look to change multiple times.

Finally, all the pages you’ve bookmarked are still there and I’ll link to them somewhere on the page. I will likely input the older reviews into wordpress and later the sketches too. For now, here are the notable links:

  • http://www.artpatient.com/reviews.php
  • http://www.artpatient.com/sketches.php
  • http://www.artpatient.com/ill.php
  • http://www.artpatient.com/tutorials.php
  • http://www.artpatient.com/frog.php
  • http://www.artpatient.com/gallery.php

(Note that the Frog Pond will now be found on http://www.artpatient.com/frogpond/, with its own look and wordpress install.) Thanks!



  1. the doctor

    Nice! Nice! However, the link at the bottom, which I believe is the one to the frog pond’s new location, doesnt work. I believe it is missing the .com after “artpatient”

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