Comic Sites Updates

If you do any web design, you probably know that Google is about to devalue all sites in the search results that do not look proper on mobile devices – in just a few days, actually. If you are concerned about this – please visit Google’s mobile test page and it will tell you ifRead More »

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Choose Your Own Comic and The Great American Comic

I’m not sure what these things have in common BUT they were suggested by the same person. These are some very in-depth projects that really cut to the heart of storytelling and what you can do. But the Choose Your Own is not really just one but several classic stories done in a explore-your-own format.Read More »

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Helping out here…

I had heard about planes being rerouted and searched for bombs but didn’t pay further attention. I received this urgent press release (below) from Mark Mekkes of the Zortic comic… and I searched for more info. Google searches turn up with hoax-reporting in every other result, mixed in with the Zortic comic results. There areRead More »

This Just In… She Makes Comics

Here’s a press release/email notification I just received: Kickstarter-Backed Documentary SHE MAKES COMICS to be Released on 9 December 2014 Sequart Organization and Respect! Films are proud to announce the release of their latest documentary, She Makes Comics, a film spanning the history of women in comics as creators, fans, and everything in between. TheRead More »

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Comic Endings

I just read this introspective piece on Webcomic Underdogs, which is an older but still relevant article about comics going on hiatus. Currently, I’m of the opinion that new comics should start with an end in mind – be that one month’s worth of daily journal comics or a single storyline arc. And … thisRead More »

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